Jaflong Sylhet: Videos, Photos and How to Visit

Jaflong Sylhet

Gowainghat Upazilla of the Sylhet area and arranged at the outskirt of Bangladesh and the Indian province of Meghalaya, eclipsed by subtropical mountains and rainforests. It is on the bank of the Mari River originating from the Himalayas. The place of interest is loaded up with mountains and rainfalls. The hills of different sizes and waterfalls have made the spot entrancing for the guests. Jaflong is known for its stone accumulations and is the home of the Khasi clan.

Jaflong is a tourist spot in the Sylhet division. It is around 60 km from Sylhet town and takes two hours’ drive to reach there. Jaflong located amidst tea gardens and hills. It is situated beside the river Sari in the lap of hill Kashia. You will find a tribe living in Jaflong for countless years. The name of the tribe is called Khasi. Consistently a great many guests from everywhere throughout the world come here to visit the place of interest and they become entranced by the exceptional magnificence of the site. Tamabil is 5 kilometers from Jaflong. There is a migration point for the Bangladeshi and Indian resident. A valid visa is required to cross the border. Shilong is the capital of Meghalaya state of India.

History of Jaflong Sylhet:

Jaflong is a beautiful spot celebrated for waterfalls, tea cultivates and encompassing little hills. Situated in the Sylhet Division of Bangladesh, this is an alluring uneven region. Jaflong is the landmark of limits between the two countries. You can go there driving just 60 km upper east of the Sylhet region. The nearby traveler often visits this common magnificence next to waterway Mari to get this show on the road stones from hills greenish with the woods. Rising from the get Himalayas, river Mari carries along loads of rocks with the flows.

Tourist goes for a boat ride on the river and appreciates the stone collection. Resting at the foothill of Khashia Hill, Jaflong Sylhet is home to the native Khasi tribe. Other than the geographic area, the tea garden and the Khasi Palli (town) builds the travel industry estimation of this alluring characteristic excellence. You can relish the lifestyle of the Khasi tribe existing in Sylhet, for thousands of years. Khasi people have a very exceptional tradition of following a matrilineal system of ancestry and heirloom. For me, this place of interest loaded up with mountains and rainfalls is the ideal portal for long ends of the week.

The area is very rich in natural resources. There are very beautiful green tea gardens that contribute to the economy of the country. Stone is also one among them which is abundance can be found in the Mari River? The ordinary enormous measure of stone is removed to use in development. In any case, the evacuation of an exorbitant measure of stone is hurtful to the regular congruity of nature of the hilling district.

Recently ‘Jaflong foundation’ and ‘Forest Department’ have joint forces to improve forestation to maintain the area us an eco-park. The program Jaflong Green Park will guarantee that different kinds of trees will be planted in the forest to keep up the environmental parity. Together, the two organizations above will supervise the forestation program in the approximately 250 acres area they have taken possession of. This activity will save the diverse untamed life that is basic to the common habitat.

Ticket Price:

This is a place of natural beauty. So there’s no ticket price at all.

Opening Hour:

This place is open for 24 hours.

Jaflong Sylhet Address, Location Or How to Visit Sylhet Jaflong:

Gowainghat Upazilla, Sylhet city, Bangladesh.

Nearly two hours’ drive from Sylhet city center, Jaflong is easily accessible by the route. A microbus can be hired for 4000-5000 BDT. A boat trip from Jaflong to the zero point costs 500-1000 BDT. An outing to Khashiapunji by the nearby transport called the motor would cost 500-1000 BDT.

There are some sensibly great nearby eateries on the east side of the stream. Bistro Sangrampunji, a café kept running by Nazimghar resorts works in Sangrampunji on the west side of the waterway. The expense, in spite of being higher than that of the neighborhood restaurants, isn’t much in perspective on its quality help and the stylish intrigue of the café. A taste in some espresso while studying the miracles of the Khasi Mountains, the Piyain and the draping span over the Dauki can be a stunning background for anybody.

Where to Stay:

There are a number of good quality hotels in Sylhet town. Most of those are at the Mazar road. A brief list of the hotel is given below.

Hotel Supreme & Exotica Resztaurant
Address: East Mirabazar, Tamabil Road
Contact Number: 0821-721439

Hotel Nirvana Inn
Address: Mirzajangal Ramerdighir Par
Contact Number: 0821-727945

Most Attractive Things in Jaflong Sylhet:

Jaflong is arranged appropriately on the border among Bangladesh and the Indian Meghalaya states. A river by the name of Mari, which legitimately originates from the Himalayas, streams next to Jaflong. Jaflong is arguably one of the most renowned tourist spots in Bangladesh.

In Jaflong, a tribe name Khashia has been living for many generations, and tourists can have an up-close and personal experience with the Khashai people visiting Jaflong. Consistently many visitors, from Bangladesh just as from everywhere throughout the world, visit Jaflong.

Jaflong is a position of entrancing excellence. Vacationers can see the way toward gathering shocking stones by the stone conveying vessels remaining by the side of the Jaflong River or even can swim and unwind in the stream and watch the different wonderful stones of Jaflong. The River Gawain of Jaflong is stunning in appearance as the water of the river is fully transparent and tourists can see the wonderful variety of stones in Jaflong and fishes and other animals swimming underneath.

Jaflong is extremely acclaimed, since the British period, for its stones. Also, tourists can rent a boat and travel and see the spectacular river Mari whose origin point is in the ancient Himalayas.

Jaflong is a place that can provide the tourists an experience of immense refreshment. The beauty of nature available in Jaflong can be found in the tranquility and harmony persisting in the stones, water, distant trees, and the sky. The experience of this tranquility can make tourists and travelers refreshed and rejuvenated from the tiring repetitive urban life.