Dhaka Chiriakhana: Off Day, Visiting Hour & More

Dhaka Zoo is a zoo located in the Mirpur section of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. The Dhaka Chiriakhana contains many native and non-native animals and wildlife and hosts about three million visitors each year. The name of Zoo has been changed 5 February 2015 from Dhaka Zoo to Bangladesh National Zoo.

Established in 1974, the 186- acre (75 ha) Dhaka zoo is the largest Zoo in Bangladesh and is operated by the Ministry of Fisheries and livestock. The Zoo attracts around 10000 visitors every day with the number increasing during the weekends and holidays. The Zoo is also known for its poor conditions for animals and the corruption of its officials.

The yearly budget of Dhaka Zoo is TK 37.5 million, out of which TK 25 million is spent on feeding the animals.

History of Dhaka Chiriakhana :

On 26 December 1950, the agricultural cooperation and aid ministry officially declared to establish a zoo in Dhaka. Hence the Zoo started that time near Dhaka High Court with several spotted deer, monkey, and elephant. The Zoo later shifted to present Eid-Gah maidan with more animals. Later in 1961, a board was created to ensure proper management of the Zoo. Later after acquiring animals from internal and from foreign countries, the Zoo inaugurated at its present location 23 June 1974.

The main objectives of Dhaka Zoo are wildlife conversation through collection and breeding of rare and endangered species of wild animals, research and education and recreation. Conservation of wild animal’s diversity, education, and research on wild animals and promotion of public awareness about these species of animals. All the exhibits are correctly named and described. Endangered and extinct species are illustrated with elaborate descriptions along with.

About four million visitors visit Bangladesh National Zoo every year. It is a center for healthy recreation of peoples of all ages and corners. Calm environment of the Zoo.

Dhaka Zoo Visiting Hour:

The Dhaka Zoo is open on all weekdays except Sunday. There I different time schedule for two seasons. 9:00 AM in Summer Season (1 April to 30 September).And 8:00 AM in Winter Season (1 October to 31 March).

Dhaka Chiriakhana Close Day:

Sunday is the weekly holiday and other 6 days the visitors can visit the Dhaka Zoo.

Bangladesh National Zoo Contact Number:

Phone: +880 2-9002020

Dhaka Chiriakhana Address:

Bangladesh National Zoo

Zoo Road, Mirpur Dhaka – 1216.

How to visit Dhaka Chiriakhana:

Frequent bus services available from any location Dhaka to Mirpur-1.

Most Attractive Things Dhaka Zoo :

The government has taken up a step to bring all Zoos of the country under a common rule. The Zoo act was enacted in 2003 to ensure proper management of Zoos and protection of wild animals here. Efforts are on to build up Dhaka Zoo as the controlling re-productive center for animals of all Zoos of the country under the wildlife captive breeding program in the cooperation of the experts. It is expected that Dhaka Zoo would be able to meet up with the requirement of other Zoos of home and abroad.

In the present day world, Zoos are not mere entertainment centers, rather these have become important seats for conservation education and Zoo education. Students of the Veterinary and Animal Husbandry faculty of Bangladesh Agricultural University and Veterinary colleges do their internship in Dhaka Zoo. Zoology students from the other Universities of the country regularly visit the Zoo in connection with higher studies and research. The government is planning to set up a Zoo education center here to meet up the growing need.

The Dhaka Zoo authority has taken up some other projects to improve its overall standard. These include: turning the internal environment of the zoo into a Safari Park, introducing battery run cars for children, physically disabled and a dolphin corner and a butterfly park inside the Zoo.

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