Bangladesh Highest Point – Keokradong Height, Tour, Cottage, Picture & Videos


Keokradong is the second most elevated pile of Bangladesh, around 4,035 ft (1,230 meters) high from the ocean level. It is arranged 30 km away from the Ruma Sadar Upazila of Bandarban District. This remote region is loaded with regular magnificence, comprising of little and huge mountains and slopes. This region is secured with thick woods, flying creatures, and creatures.

Keokradong is situated on the fringe among Bangladesh and Myanmar. You might be amazed subsequent to seeing its magnificence. This normal magnificence may pull in the psyche of gutsy individuals. It is visited by numerous daring sightseers in winter. Astonishing magnificence of green slope, cool wellsprings, crisscross ways, bumpy street side, find the stowaway round of mists on the highest point of the slope; these are basically incredible.

On the highest point of Keokradong there is a little safe house and a billboard set up by the Bangladeshi military declaring the elevation to be 3,172 feet. Garmin GPS recorded 974 meters (3196 feet) at this area, estimation predictable with Russian topographic mapping and SRTM information. It is at 21°57’00″N 92°30’53″E. USGS and Russian mapping debate the case this is the area accurately named Keokradong; they show Keokradong at an 883m summit further north. The landscape of these bumpy closed streets is actually quite charming. Anybody ready to visit the pinnacle must go there by walking from Baga lake under Ruma by intersection uneven high patio from Ruma Upazilla Headquarter.

There is a debate about the most elevated purpose of Bangladesh, and a few sources show the Mowdok Mual as the most raised pinnacle of the nation. In February 2006 a GPS perusing of 1,064 meters was recorded on this summit by English traveler Ginge Fullen. The area he recorded, 21°47’11″N 92°36’36″E21.78639’N 92.61’E, precisely coordinates the area given by Russian topographic mapping and SRTM information, in spite of the fact that these sources demonstrate its stature to be marginally lower, at 1,052 meters. As of late two trekking clubs checked the stature of “Saka Haphong” as 3,488 and 3,461 feet separately. Any of these two-figures would make it the most noteworthy mountain in Bangladesh surpassing the tallness of Keokaradong, which is 3,172 feet high.

Keokradong Address, Location (How to go):

Dhaka and Bandarban are linked by road. There are direct bus services available from Dhaka to reach Bandarban. After reaching Bandarban you need to go to “RAMU UPAZILA” by bus or jip called Chander Gari. From “RAMU UPAZILA” you can enjoy a one hour journey by boat to Ramu Bazar. But you have to reach Ramu Bazar as soon as possible. Otherwise you may not be able to reach Boga Lake.

After reaching Boga Lake, It is recommended to stay at night and then sit your sail to Keokradong. Otherwise, it may be stressful to take the whole journey. There are some well made guest houses in Boga Lake by the tribes. By paying 100-150 BDT, you can pass your night there. Next day you have to wake up early in the morning & then start your journey to Keokradong. It will take three to four hours to reach the apex of the Keokradong depends on your speed. In this journey try to leave your heavy bags and takes the least equipment. Otherwise, the trekking will be tougher.

Most attractive Things on Keokradong (What you can see there):

The wild wind takes your hair silkier and your surroundings secured by the tunes of wild creepy crawlies and winged creatures. In the winter season, numerous courageous vacationers visit this spot with extraordinary fervor. You will be satisfied with the blustery mountain, amazing magnificence of green slope, cool wellsprings, the crisscross way, bumpy street side, find the stowaway round of mists on the highest point of the slopes. The shade of Jhum development is the principle situation of this slope tract. There are such a large number of cascades covered up through the slopes of Bandarban that would show up in your climbing. The intriguing contributions, for example, nourishments, innate crafted works and so on from the inborn individuals will enchant your heart. Other than these, you can without much of a stretch encounter the genuine taste of ancestral culture intently.

Before going to Keokradong you need to make a few arrangements. The following mountains are not appropriate for cowardly individuals. You ought to recollect that after 4 pm you are not permitted to leave Ruma for visiting Bogalake to Keokradong. As it is a remote zone in Bangladesh, the street isn’t so plain. The correspondence frameworks of Bogalake become troublesome in the Rainy season. A few pieces of the street are still under development. Be that as it may, the street is remarkable for explorers during the voyage.

Keokradong Cottage or Hotel:

 On the off chance that you need to go through the night in Keokradong, at that point, there are little indigenous bungalows close to the pinnacle of Keokradong. You can take the assistance of your manual to book the space for you. You need to remain 3 to 4 people in a room. They will take BDT 100 to 150 for each individual. You will be served the supper from those indigenous families. When all is said in done, it will require BDT 100 to 200 thinking about the menu. They serve legitimate nourishments including Rice, Egg, Alu Bhorta, Hilly Chicken, and so on. As they will cook subsequent to conversing with you, disclose to them what number of you needs to eat and which menu you need. In the event that you think you need to eat as ahead of schedule as you reach, at that point converse with your guide for making plans for you.

Hotel Name:

  1. Hillside Resort

Address: Chimbuk road, Bandarban.

Contact: 01730045083, 02-9886983.

  • Hotel greenhill

Address: Main road, Bandarban-4600.

Contact: 01856699910, 01856699911.

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