Chandranath Temple Bangladesh

Chandranath Temple

There are numerous religious places in Sitakunda and its surroundings. Among them, Chandranath Temple, on the pinnacle of the Chandranath Hill bears the strictest declaration. Chandranath sanctuary is a heavenly spot for Hindu Religious individuals and furthermore an appealing place of interest for other people. It is arranged on the highest point of 350 meters high slope of Chandranath. It is a well known Shakti Peeth. Consistently lakhs of individuals come in this sanctuary to join Shiva Chaturdashi Puja from everywhere throughout the nation.

There are two symbols here, one is of Devi Sati and called as Bhavani. The other symbol in this sanctuary is of Lord Shiva Known as the Chandrashekhar. This specific word is portrayed for each one of those people who have a moon at the crown or at the highest point of their head. According to the conviction of numerous neighborhood individuals, Lord Shiva himself has resolved to visit Chandrasekhar Mountain during Kali Yuga. The sanctuary is perfectly made with marble structures and workmanship.

History of Chandranath Hill:

Hunting history of ChandranathTemple, Shitakunda, and Bangladesh South Asia.

The temple is situated at the top of Chandranath Hill in Shitakund, Chittagong. The temple is said to be guarded by a spirit being who takes human form and appears to the unsuspecting tourists after dark and claims to be the priest of that temple. Locals believe that men do not return after being hypnotized spirit being. If they are alone after dark in this area.

Consistently sitakunda experienced three days reasonable in the foot of the slope of Chandranath. This slope and sanctuary of Chandranath are perhaps the greatest fascinations in Sitakunda. This slope is considered a blessed spot for the Hindu religion. Individuals originate from India, Nepal likewise from other neighboring nations to visit the sanctuary of Chandranath. Its summit is 1200 feet high from the ocean level. This is an extremely hopeful tallness to go after an explorer.

Sitakunda slaughter alludes to the slaughter of Hindu pioneers on 15 February 1950. The Hindu travelers from all over East Bengal, Tripura and Assam were en route to Sitakunda on the event of Maha Shivaratri at the Chandranath sanctuary. The explorers were assaulted by the Ansars and outfitted Muslim crowds and slaughtered at the Sitakunda railroad station. On the fifteenth morning, another clump of travelers landed in Sitakunda from Chittagong via train. At the point when the train came to Sitakunda, they were assaulted.

The pioneers were assaulted in the railroad station and inside the train compartments and fiercely slaughtered. So also all the here and there trains to and from Sitakunda were plundered and the Hindu travelers murdered. One observer checked 25 dead bodies along the tracks at the Sitakunda railroad station. Numerous houses close to the Sitakunda railroad station were determined to fire.


Sati was the main spouse of Shiva as the primary manifestation of Parvati. She was the little girl of King Daksha and Queen (the little girl of Brahma). She submitted self-immolation at the conciliatory fire of a yagna performed by her dad Daksha as she felt genuinely upset by her dad’s affront of her significant other and furthermore to her by not welcoming them two for the yagna.

Shiva was so lamented in the wake of becoming aware of the passing of his significant other that he moved far and wide in a Tandav Nritya (“decimating atonement” or move of pulverization) conveying Sati’s dead body over his shoulders. Irritated by this circumstance and so as to carry Shiv to a condition of regularity, it was then Vishnu who chosen to utilized his Sudarshan Chakra (the pivoting knifes carried on at the tip of his finger). He dissected Sati’s body with the chakra into a few pieces and any place her body fell on the earth, Each of 51 bits of the body tumbled to earth, and where each piece fell turned into a blessed focus of journey or Shakti Peetha.

These areas have turned out to be celebrated journey places. Sati is otherwise called Devi or Shakthi, and with gifts of Vishnu, she was renewed as the little girl of Himavat or Himalayas and henceforth named as Parvati (girl of mountains). She was conceived on the fourteenth day of the brilliant portion of the long stretch of Mrigashīrsha, which denotes the Shivarathri (Shiva’s night) celebration.

Ghosts are an important part of the folklore and form an integral part of the social and cultural beliefs of the people living in the geographical and ethnolinguistic region of Bengal, which today consists of the independent nation of Bangladesh. And the Indian state of West Bengal. Stories and old and new often use the concept of ghosts. In contemporary Bengali literature, cinema and also on radio &, the references to ghosts are often found.

There are also many alleged haunted sites in this region. It is believed that the spirits of those who cannot find peace in the afterlife or die unnatural deaths remain on earth. The common word of ghosts in Bengali is “Bhut”. This word has an alternative meaning “Beyond” in Bengali. Also, the word pret (Sanskrit) is used in Bengali to use mean ghosts.

Chandranath Temple How to Visit:

Chittagong is on the immediate route from Dhaka. There is accessible A/C and none A/C transport administration 24 hours per day. U can likewise utilize prepares or Air (Biman). To begin with, you need to come to Sitakunda from Chittagong by Bus. At that point, you need to go to Sitakunda Bazar. Chandranath slope stands 3.5 kilometers east from Sitakunda Bazar. You can go to the Chandranath slope with a rickshaw or by walking.

Where to stay During visit the Chandranath Temple :

There are numerous hotels available in Chittagong. Some of them have been referenced below for your assistance.

1.         Hotel Golden Inn:

             Address: 336 Station Rd Chittagong

             Contact: 611 004

2.         Asian SR Hotel:

              Address: 291 Station Rd Chittagong

              Contact: 031-2850346-8, 01711-889555

3.         Hotel Park:

              Address: 627, DT Road, Kadamtoli Chittagong

              Contact: 01819-388011

4.         Hotel Landmark:

              Address: 3072, Sheik Mujhibar Road, Agrabad, Chittagong

             Contact: 031-813598/727299

5.         Hotel Dream International Ltd

              Station Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh


Most attractive Things in Chandranath Temple:

Very beautiful around the Chandranath Temple. Wherever there is only green, there is no point in saying that. In a word, this temple is beautiful.

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