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Dhanmondi Lake

Dhanmondi Lake a conspicuous sorrow inside the Dhaka metropolitan region. It is arranged in Dhaka City (about 23°43’N scope and 90°26’E longitude). It exists in the region of the Dhanmondi neighborhood. Initially, Dhanmondi Lake was a relinquished channel of the ‘Karwan Bazar Nadi’ (‘Karwan Bazar’ is normally spelled and articulated as ‘Kawran Bazar’), recently known as the ‘Train River’, whose arrangement was conceivably along Begunbari Khal-Green Road-Kalabagan-Dhanmondi Lake to the common waterway. Some portion of this lake still works as a stormwater channel and falls into the Begunbari Khal. The development of urbanization around there during the Pakistan time frame has changed the normal water framework in this spot.

Lakes can be significant living spaces for an assortment of amphibian life, just as a stylish asset to networks. Different causes are in charge of dirty water of the lake; some normal causes are a blend of a biodegraded bit of creature and plants to unadulterated water. It likewise gets untreated sewage and sewage dirtied surface overflow from nearby living arrangements and networks. This investigation centers on the appraisal of the water characteristics of Dhanmondi Lake. For these reasons, tests were gathered from five distinct areas in the year 2016 and the normal worth is considered. It is likewise prominent that, lone the wet season (May-August) is considered.

The different parameters of water, for example, pH, shade of water, turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD 5), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) are analyzed. It was seen whether the degree of the parameters surpasses or inside the passable furthest reaches of the Bangladesh standard. The water nature of the lake is required to reestablish sea-going life and as a tasteful asset of networks, just as it tends to be a decent wellspring of supply water sooner rather than later. This objective can be accomplished by the legitimate treatment of sewage water and open mindfulness ought to be raised also. Poor water quality additionally limitlessly influences the encompassing area.

History of Dhanmondi Lake:

Dhanmondi local location was created in 1956 with 240.74 ha of land including the lake. The lake is about 16% of the complete territory of Dhanmondi and has been assuming an imperative job in keeping up the main waste arrangement of Dhanmondi and nearby regions. It additionally demonstrates some trellis design together with the dendritic example of the seepage framework. The lake offers to appeal all-encompassing perspectives to a huge number of individuals who live in the region.

Starting from Jigatola (Dhanmondi Road # 2) the lake reaches out up to Road # 27 (new l6A), and limited by the Mohammadpur-Lalmatia zone in the north, Satmasjid Road in the west, BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) Gate (Dhanmondi Road # 2) in the south and in the east by Kalabagan neighborhood. It is 3 km long, 35-100m in width, with the greatest profundity of 4.77m and the complete zone of the water body is 37.37 ha. There is one box duct in the lake close to the Sukrabad territory, which is the main outlet of the lake. Overabundance floodwater because of substantial precipitation goes through this outlet. So the water level in the lake remains nearly the equivalent in all seasons.

The lake is under the administration of a few experts caring for its different angles. The Ministry of Works has its own; the Fisheries Department takes care of fishery advancement; the Dhaka city corporation, being the main urban body, practices some obligation in its improvement. The Department of Environment (DOE) cares for the parts of legitimate condition and assurance of oceanic assets of the lake. In and around Dhanmondi Lake some remodel works were done from 1998 to 2001 with the end goal of making the lake a contamination-free diversion zone.

The vast majority of the advancement has occurred in later years, with the first two-celebrated houses offering an approach to high rises, and shops and cafés infringing on what was before a careful neighborhood. The financial criticalness of the region is featured by the way that each bank working in Bangladesh has a branch in Dhanmondi.

As a significant certainty throughout the entire existence of the nation, the home of Sheik Mujibur Rahman, the establishing father of Bangladesh, was in Dhanmondi, and it was there that he and the greater part of his family were killed in 1975.

From a social perspective, Dhanmondi Lake is very prevalent as an amusement setting, especially during celebrations, for example, Independence Day, Eid and Pohela Baishakh – Bengali New Year. On these occasions, swarms run to Dhanmondi and the environment is bubbly in this energetic neighborhood of Dhaka City.

The utilization of the land inside assigned maintenance lake zones to be limited to the accompanying exercises:

  • Farming
  • Fish development; and
  • Amusement.

Definite Area Plan (DAP):

These plans give increasingly nitty gritty arranging proposition to explicit sub-territories of Dhaka. Be that as it may, they don’t at first spread the whole Dhaka structure Plan Area (590 sq miles). While all sub-territories will, in the long run, require a DAP, just need zones will be managed at first.

Regular Drainage System:

Regular water bodies assume a significant job in the waste arrangement of any territory. The water body performs together with the elements of the water repository and the release destinations of counterfeit channels. The characteristic seepage framework can be separated into two sorts

  • Capacity zone
  • Channel