Boga Lake: Bagakain Lake Hotel, Cottage, Photos and Videos

Bagakain Lake, also called Baga Lake or Boga Lake, is a lake located in Ruma Upazila in the hill district Bandarban, Bangladesh. It is a normally sweet and profound water lake. Its range from ocean level is about 1,246 feet (380m). Geologists accept that it was made by a gathering of water in summer. The lake is unpredictable fit as a fiddle. A group of geologists studied this lake in 1973. They found the lake’s water wound up inexhaustible with plants and fish.

The neighborhood occupant’s way of life and assemble Tilapia fish in this lake. People of the Bawm tribe migrated from Saikat para to Boga Lake and set up this village. A local legend tells that the lake was made after the occupants of a Khumi village murdered and ate a divinity who later returned to them as a mythical serpent. In a split second a quake happened, the slope collapsed, and the village vanished and shaped a profound lake.

The Lake is bounded on three sides by mountain peaks covered with bamboo forests. The territory of the lake is 18.56 sections of land (75,100 m). It is a shut lake and there is a little spring named Boga Chiara, which is 153 meters (502 ft) profound. There is no outlet for emptying out water out of the lake. The lake is composed of the soft rocks of the human formation. Numerous travelers visit Boga Lake generally during winter. Territories of little clan networks like Bawm can be found alongside the Boga Lake. Walking winds up troublesome in the stormy season.

The road from Ruma to Boga Lake is still being worked on. You may be stunned taking a gander at the huge rocks lying all through the Boga Lake. You can have an open-air fire close to the lake which may be an extraordinary and incredible memory in your life.

History of Boga Lake Bandarban:

Bagakain (Boga) Lake, a wonderful wonder of nature situated about 3000 feet above from the sea level. This amazing Lake also is known as bagakian Lake. It is almost 22 kilometer far away from Ruma (an Upazila of Bandarban hill district, Bangladesh). The entire territory of this quiet lake is around 15 sections of land or 653400 square feet. The water of this wonderful Boga Lake is spotless and resembles a blue sky in the ground. The Lake is rectangular fit as a fiddle and made out of the delicate rocks. This quiet lake is limited on three sides by mountain tops which are secured by thick bamboo hedges. It is the most profound regular pool of Bangladesh arranged in the most elevated situation from the beginning.

You can be heard numerous legendary tales about the formation of this lake from the nearby individuals. Some of them accept that this lovely lake made after the occupants of a Khumi town executed and ate a divinity who later returned to them as a winged serpent. That is the reason they additionally called it “The Lake of Dragon”. Be that as it may, the genuine article is, this quiet lake was made by an accumulation of water in the maker of a dead spring of gushing lava and it is very nearly 2000 years prior. Today the principle wellspring of this lake is the spring.

More often than not its water looks blue however the Lakes excellence differs with the difference in light. Seasons also give it a different taste to the tourists. No doubt that the lake attracts tourists of its scenic beauty. But it is also popular with travelers for its excellent trekking path. For the lover of nature, no other place can be so appealing than Bagakain (Boga) Lake.

Most of the visitors come here from abroad and local to marvel at its size, its wonderful views and to be able to have an amazing quiet moment of relaxing surrounded by natural beauty and surprise. The very calm, cool and peaceful environment also attracts them.

Ticket Price:

This is a place of natural beauty. So there’s no ticket price at all.

Opening Day:

This place is open for 24 hours.

Off Day:

There’s no off day at all.

Contact Number:

Phone: +880 1913-394033

Address, Location:

Bandarban, Chittagong City, Bangladesh.

How To Go Boga Lake Bandarban: 

To visit these fantastic Lake travelers should go to Bandarban city first. The main route to go Bandarban is Dhaka-Chittagong-Bandarban (by bus) then Ruma Bazar (by Chander gari). To reach the Bagakain Lake or Boga Lake you can hire a Chander gari again. To grab the original beauty you have to go to your destination by walking. It is about 22 kilometers from Ruma. Don’t worry! Delightful landscape and brilliant trekking will reach you there.

Where to Stay in Bagakain Lake :

Actually there are no Hotels available in Bagakain Lake (Boga). Hotels are available in Ruma Bazar.

  • Hillside Resort

Address: Chimbuk Road, Bandarban.

Contact Number: +880 1730-045083 or 02-9886983

  • Hotel Greenhill

Address: Main Road, Bandarban-4600.

Contact Number: +880 1856-699910.

Most Attractive Things – What You Can See There:

Bagakain (Boga) Lake is inscriptive of magnificence and delight at Bandarban, Bangladesh. Nature darlings consistently feel a thirst inside for excellence, rush, and charm. What’s more, the blessed nature has offered Bangladesh with a staggering and unparalleled animal which is freely known as Boga Lake. Bagakain (Boga) lake is considered as a wellspring of marvel, boundless excellence, and experience for nature darlings and voyagers. So Boga Lake is hanging tight with its special excellence for those gutsy voyagers who just not just need to fulfill their eyes with fake and dreary common delights yet, in addition, need to fill their hearts with unceasing happiness and rush to advance their eager personality. What’s more, it has developed as a sacred obligation of the voyagers and sightseers to visit the Boga Lake as quickly as time permits to feature the magnificence with the rush.

Boga Lake is the most elevated normal lake in Bangladesh arranged at Bandarban, Chittagong. Boga Lake attracts nature lovers in such a magnetic way that no other place of beauty can dare to be the alternative of Boga Lake. Nature has created this Bogalake with its kind attention which results in a legendary reserve of water on the hilltop to attract the tourists, travelers.

I previously visited multiple times of this astounding Lake. It’s calling me once more! Each time I felt that I am a piece of this characteristic miracle. It’s quiet and cool breeze embraces me with a delicate breeze, its blue water filled my brain with happiness and its delightful regular perspectives filled my eyes with enormous sentiments. You can’t envision the exceptional sentiments to remain here except if you visit it.

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