Guliakhali Sea Beach Chittagong Location, picture & Video

Guliakhali Sea Beach

With the biggest sea beach in the world, Bangladeshi are blessed with numerous beautiful sea beaches in the world. Our world is filled with amazing natural beauties. The sea beach makes the overall natural landscape outstanding. In this highly researched article, we have tried to give you an overall concept of the sea beach in Bangladesh. It will help you to make the decision when went to travel on an isolated sea beach with your friends and family.

Important to realize, we have considered the scenery, beach qualities and tourist facilities to drive the list. If you are a passionate traveler and went to discover the beauty of the world-class sea beach in Bangladesh, hopefully, this information will surely help you a lot. With this in mind, if are waiting to take the taste of a virtual tour on the sea beaches of Bangladesh, let’s start our journey.

Guliakhali sea beach is one of the lesser-known sea beaches of Bangladesh. It is located in shitakundo Upazila of Chittagong district. From Sitakunda to Guliakhali is about 8km and it took us 50 minutes to arrive at the goal. Nature did not have any niggard to decorate the unmatched beautiful Guliakhali sea beach. On the one hand, the water of the horizontal sea and on the other side of the keawara forest has made this sea beach unique. Canow tree breathing around the canal flowing through the kawra forest, it can be seen that the forest has gone far beyond the sea.

This beach is also known as Murad Pur beach. The beach is full of greenery, which makes it special. Another elective route is by Beri Bari Street, 10km from Sitakunda Bazaar.

The sea beach was brimming with greenery. The breeze from the ocean contacted our hearts. There was just a single tea slow down on the seashore. Have you at any point seen a seashore with green magnificence? Nature has done lots of decoration to decorate such beautiful Guliakhali Sea Beach.

The sea beach is near mangrove forests. Before you reach the beach, you will get a feeling of traveling through a beautiful forest. If your luck is good, then you can see the deer or two, the locals said. All things considered out of the city, and there are not many voyagers, you will get an isolation place which will be essential in your life. The green condition and the landscape of angling will carry another importance to your life. On the off chance that you need, you can move to the ocean in the angling boat. Fix the cost before taking the boat.

Guliakhali Sea Beach Chittagong Address, Location (How to go):

Sitakunda can go on any bus from Dhaka to Chittagong. You can go there also by train. Then you can hire CNG auto-rickshaw to go to Sitakunda to Guliakhali sea beach.

Where to stay:

There is no provision for eating and drinking in Guliakhali sea beach. Only a small shop comes to the beach so you will have to buy the necessary food and water from the market in sitakunda. If you want to stay the night, the hotel is here.

Hotel saymon:

Every room rent: 300-600 taka. Contact number: 01991-787979.

Hotel soudia:

Every room rent: 600-1600 taka. Contact number: 018116-518119.

If you want to stay somewhere better then you have to leave Chittagong.

Most attractive Things (What you can see there):

From creative and auxiliary perspectives it is totally not the same as the different beaches. On one side of the skyline, the water is seen on the opposite side, while the Keora backwoods is seen on the other. Canow tree breathing around the trench moving through the Keora Forest. This woodland has gone further into the ocean. Its condition resembles the Swamp Forest and the mangrove timberland.

The green floor covering of wide grass over the beach has made it greater than different seashores. The tight section has been penetrated through the center of the green. The streams are brimming with water during the tide. The remarkable situation of winged animals, waves and wind mates is seen on this beach. This beach is fully occupied by clay. The best part is you can see a lot of birds over there.

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