Zinda park Dhaka Bangladesh

Zinda, the rural community echo park complex (hereinafter referred to as Zinda Park) founded by five friends, who vowed to do something exemplary for the society, by turning the park into an ideal village. The founders realized that like other villages in Bangladesh, Zinda was losing its core refers to the social commitment of its inhabitants, as they were migrating away to the city in search of a better livelihood. This drain was causing the village to lose its nobility. Moreover, being so close to the capital of Bangladesh took its toll with slow urbanization surrounding the village. This also become a threat as the village started to lose its environment and greenery, in essence, its beauty.

 Realizing this fact the visionary founders of Zinda Park, went around inspiring villagers that with their help and involvement, the situation could be turned around and the community can help itself. The idea was to turn the village into an ideal one. Where everyone benefits from its establishments such as a school, a library, a clinic, a mosque, an eco-park and many more managed and run by the local generating its own income. The villagers in support of this idea donated land which now constitutes as Zinda Park. Along with this motive, the villagers also wanted to protect the environment from the flow of urbanization. Hence, this is another ground to support the community and make their village a symbol of rural Development. All the activities of Zinda Park help to create unity among its villagers and villagers of surrounding villages.

History of Zinda park Dhaka:

Mr. Tobarok Hossain Kustom, the founder, is a visionary. He has contributed and dedicated his whole life to the park. Mr. Kusom only studied up to secondary school at a local missionary school. Even though he is a high school dropout, the schooling he received and the environment of his upbringing major impact in his life. The discipline that he received and the environment of his upbringing inspired and enabled him to dream and give something back to society. He envisioned turning his village around into an ideal one that would provide numerous facilities to its inhabitants.

Mr. Kusom shared his ideas with four of his school friends, Mohammad Nasir Uddin Kazi, Mohammad Shahadat Hossain Akand, Mahbubul  Alam  Kazi and Mohammad Tabarak Hossain Akand. These five teenage minds in Bangladesh look beyond the mundane and seclusion by starting to work together towards their shared goal. The founders shared their idea by writing letters to the local head, asking them to join, who did not give any curating response. Even Mr. Kusom’s father who was a government employee did not admire his son’s idea at the time, however later he realized the nobility of the work and supported him. Thus defying all odds the founders today have committed themselves to a lifelong service above and beyond for the battlement of the community that they were born into. Though the park was started by five founders, today more community people are involved with the park, who have also devoted their life to its development.

Ticket Price:

Tickets to have a tour in Zinda Park can be brought in the ticket box there, the admission fee is 100 taka or about 1.19 USD.

Opening Hour:

The best time to visit Zinda Park is open all weekend, between 7 am to 6 pm, every day (Saturday to Friday). If you need to go back from the tour by public transportation, it will be better if you look at the time for availability of it. But if you come by driving your vehicle, you do not have to worry, there are good facilities for parking there.

Off Day:

Zinda Park is opened for seven days and every day from the very morning to till at & 7:00 PM.

Contact Number:

Zinda Park RD,

Dhaka 1460,


Phone: +880 1716-260908

Address, Location (How to go):

Purbachal Rupgonj, Narayangong, Dhaka.

The distance of Zinda Park from Dhaka is about37 Km. the convenient route is through Kuril 300 feet road (Purbachal Highway). You can go by bus. The route is through the Kachpur Bridge via Bhulta-Gaussian. Another route is through Tongi Mirer Bazar via bypass road.

Most Attractive Things (What You Can see there):

Zinda Park is known as the Oikotan eco-resort. This is basically an eco-park. Zinda Park is one of the remarkable visiting places in Narayan gong District.

Zinda Park is also the bridge between rural and urban areas. A planned city, Purbachal New Town is located on one side of the park, whereas the native villages are turned into urbanization. In of it. This park can be replicable to other areas where villages are turned into urbanization. In addition, this is also applicable to low cultivation areas. In the midst of senseless capitalism and the resulting pollution, the Eco Park is a place of solace through which communities get the chance to embrace nature. Zinda Park is an exemplary and respectable concept for saving nature along with social well-being. More so, not only does it look into the environment, it becomes a viable project as it also takes into account the community needs, expands through revenue generation so that they could diversify the park with other elements of Eco Park. In the case of the legal battle of Zinda Park, it is assumed that there will not be any further procedures on this issue. In addition, many local people are connected now with the park. It seems, all these issues reflect a sustainable and bright future of Zinda Park.

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