Shishu Park Dhaka Bangladesh

Shishu Park is the first children’s amusement park in Bangladesh. There are numerous spots for diversion from little too grown-up age’s individuals. Same as usual, Dhaka Shishu Park is one of them which is the best place for youngsters’ diversion. To give diversion, every one of these specials’ place is arranged. Since kids would prefer not to be bound to the four dividers throughout the day that is the reason they need to get out. For which, every one of those spots is vital.

Numerous spots are situated in an alternate area at Dhaka in Bangladesh. Built up as a benefit making adventure by Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, the administration claimed the travel industry advancement office in Bangladesh, it is kept up by Dhaka City Corporation as its solitary stimulation park since 1983. The 12 rides of the recreation center incorporate including a toy train, a carousel and various wheel-based rides. Bangladesh Air Force gave a warrior stream in 1992.

During the Eid-ul-Fitr occasions, the quantity of guests reaches up to 350 thousand. The City Corporation acquires about BDT 200 million yearly from the recreation center. Because of the absence of support, the rides have decayed in condition. Starting in 2007, a City Corporation intends to patch up the recreation center for BDT 9 billion hangs tight for endorsement of the Ministry for Local Government and Rural Development. The arrangement incorporates a development of the zone to 19 sections of land (77,000 m2) and including 16 new rides other than reinstalling the old rides.

History: The recreation center was worked in 1979 on 15 sections of land of arrive on the northern piece of Sohrawardy Uddyan. During the 80s and 90s, it was one of the most engaging spots in Dhaka city. Nonetheless, with the progression of time, it has lost its old appeal. Its look and foundation have disintegrated because of an absence of legitimate upkeep and convenient financing. At present a large portion of the rides are old and exhausted with an expanded measure of weakness. They every now and again glitch and promptly should be supplanted to maintain a strategic distance from deadly outcomes. In addition, numerous private entertainment meccas, for example, Fantasy Kingdom, Nandan Park, and Wonderland have cut off colossal guests from Shishu Park. These days the recreation center sees exceptional groups on Fridays and open occasions as it were. Regardless, with every one of its downsides it is as yet a decent and reasonable entertainment mecca for the working class individuals. The recreation center needs dire regard for reestablish its old wonder.

Shishu Park Ticket Price:

  • Entry fee: 15 Taka, (Including VAT) per person.
  • Ride fee: 10 Taka, (Including VAT) each and are sold inside the park. There are 12 different rides to choose from.
  • Private company owned ride coupons cost Tk. 25 (Including VAT) per person. At present there are 04 rides maintained by private company.

Shishu Park Opening Hour:

April – September:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 02.00 Pm-08.00 Pm.
  • Friday: 02.30 Pm – 08.30 Pm.
  • Wednesday: 02.00 Pm – 05.00 Pm (Only for poor and street Children).

October – March:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 01.00 Pm-07.00 Pm.
  • Friday: 02.00 Pm – 08.00 Pm.
  • Wednesday: 02.00 Pm – 05.00 Pm (Only for poor and street Children).

Shishu Park Off Day: Sunday.

Contact Number: +88 02 8623304.

Address, Location (How to go): Shahbag, Dhaka.

Most attractive Things (What you can see there): From wheel train, 12 rides of the recreation center, many wheel based rides, and numerous different things have in this spot to give youngsters excitement. The significant thing is, Bangladesh Air Force contributed a warrior stream in 1992 with the goal that kids can see it. Besides, different sorts of energizing riders and others are composed in Bangladesh Shishu Park Dhaka. A wide range of the family can visit here from a low-pay family to a well off family.

Indeed, even there is overseen for the sustenance shop and another shop. Additionally, numerous peddlers are in this spot of various types of things. Numerous individuals visit here from far away with their youngsters. Be that as it may, indeed, more guests visit during a vacation, for example, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azdha and various types of occasions.

There was an arrangement to extend the recreation center with many new things, including a thrill ride, water sprinkle, and so on and parking spots, yet it’s lying in cool stockpiling for long. We trust the undertaking would be restored and endorsed soon and all the new attractions would most likely draw back the groups and take Shishu Park back higher than ever. The recreation center is kept up by DCC (Dhaka City Corporation).

The absolute most established rides at the Shishu Park, for instance, carousel, new Trabant, wonder wheel, trampoline, battery vehicle, seat tower, and blossom cup ride were introduced by Japanese professionals in 1979. Specialists accept that these rides should have a greatest life expectancy of ten years. Be that as it may, even today, these are being utilized going all out with no real redesign. Truth be told rides like new Trabant are simply lying around a corner for quite a while, as it has gone hopeless.