Sangu River Bangladesh

The Sangu River is a waterway in Myanmar and Bangladesh. Its source is in the North Arakan Hills of Myanmar, situated at 21°13’N 92°37’E. The Arakan Hills structure the limit among Arakan and the Chittagong Hill Tracts. It pursues a northerly meandering course in the slope tracts and after that enters Bangladesh close Remarki, Thanchi Upazila, Bandarban District, from the east.

It streams north through Thanchi, Rowangchhari and Bandarban Sadar Upazilas of Bandarban District. It at that point streams west through Satkania and Banshkhali Upazilas in Chittagong District and streams into the Bay of Bengal close to Chittagong, at 22°6’N 91°51’E, or about 16.09 kilometers (10.00 mi) south of the mouth of the Karnafuli River. The length of the waterway is 270 kilometers (170 mi); 173 kilometers (107 mi) are situated inside Bangladesh.

Sangu River is the finished piece of the characteristic excellence of Bandarban. It pursues a northerly roundabout course in the slope tracts up to Bandarban. It enters the area from the east and streams west over the region lastly falls into the Bay of Bengal toward the finish of a course of 270 km.

This stream is coursing through the slopes for a huge number of years. It is a significant course to speak with Ruma and Thanchi Upazila. It has gigantic budgetary interests for the number of inhabitants in Bandarban. This stream is broadly utilized for transportation, farming and other important items for the individuals of remote networks.

In the winter season, the ebb and flow of the stream nearly end up stale however in the stormy season; the ebb and flow wind up forceful. The guest must be pulled in to the beautification dissipated on its two sides. You can discover here slopes, woods falls with a waterway together. The whole distance you will be excited just and it is essentially stunning.

The real tributaries of the stream are the Chand Khali Nadi and Dolukhal. The Chand Khali Nadi courses through the Patiya Plains and the Dolukhal River channels into the Satkania Plains. Another tributary is the Kumira Khali, which channels into the Kutubdia Channel. There are seven Bangladesh Water Management Board hydrometric stations on this stream, which have been recording information since 1965.

The Sangu depletes off the waters of Patiya, Satkania, and Banshkhali Upazilas. It has an association with the Karnafuli River through the Chand Khali River. The Sangu is a shallow waterway; however, it ends up brutal during downpours and creates quick flows. It is safe up to 48.27 kilometers (29.99 mi) from the estuary. The Sangu gas field is situated around 50 kilometers (31 mi) southwest of Chittagong and arrives at a profundity of 10 meters at its mouth.


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Address, Location (How to go): Dhaka and Bandarban are connected by street. There are immediate transport administrations accessible from Dhaka to reach Bandarban. From Bandarban, take neighborhood transport, for example, jeep to reach Remakri Union to watch that excellent waterway of Bandarban. You will appreciate a grand stream voyage in Sangu and there are such huge numbers of spots to mastermind a cookout. You can contract conventional vessels or motor pontoons from the old Sangu Bridge or from Boat-ghat at Kyachingghata.

Most attractive Things (What you can see there): Very beautiful around the Sangu River. Wherever there is only green, there is no point in saying that. In a word, this river is beautiful.

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