Patenga Sea Beach Chittagong Bangladesh

Numerous guests to Bangladesh see Chittagong as the ideal visitor goal. It is loaded up with thick green woodlands, unending moving slopes, a moderate atmosphere, and amazing sea beach. Since the seventh century, Chittagong has been referenced in numerous archives as a seaport of supernatural magnificence and great appeal. The clamoring harbor remains as an unmistakable difference to the peacefulness and serene surroundings of the city. Also, attractions, for example, Patenga Beach, guarantee a consistent deluge of voyagers and guests.

Patenga beach lies approximately twenty kilometers outside the city of Chittagong.  Patenga Beach is one of the renowned sea beaches in Bangladesh. For viewing the nightfall, Patenga is a wonderful ocean sea beach near Chittagong city. It is close to the start of the Karnaphuli River. Nature darlings come here to appreciate the lovely situation of the Bay of Bengal and escape from occupied city life. Patenga is a famous place of interest. The sea beach is near Bangladesh Naval Academy of Bangladesh Navy, and Shah Amanat International Airport. The width of the sea beach is tight and swimming isn’t suggested in the oceans here.

As a component of the coastline, solid dividers can be seen along the shore. Likewise, enormous squares of stones have been spread out to counteract disintegration. During the 1990s heaps of eateries and stands have been created around the sea beach territory. The lighting of the sea beach zone has improved the security part of the night visit. Individuals visiting this delightful spot, for the most part, get up ahead of schedule to observe the dazzling dawn.

During 1990′s, a large group of cafés and stands have grown out around the sea beach territory. These days, Alcohol selling is exceptionally normal on the sea beach. Merchants from the city rush to Patenga Beach to sell their determination of frozen yogurts, cold beverages, and nourishment to the many voyagers who come to Patenga Beach. As per the neighborhood individuals, Patenga is the best spot for delightful, mouth-watering road nourishment at low expenses. One of the prevalent dishes of the nourishment stands is the sung, hot mud crab presented with a little plate brimming with falafel, a southern-style ball made of soybean and chickpeas, decorated with cucumber and onion. The sea beach has a brilliant cool environment even at night, and individuals come around to appreciate the relieving breeze from time to time. The sea beach is fixed with monstrous obscure palm trees and angling pontoons. It additionally has a variety of speed pontoons for guests with a feeling of experience. The sea beach, be that as it may, is very sandy, with a couple of rough fixes to a great extent. Most guests come to ‘Patenga’ Beach as it is known for having the absolute most staggering dusks and dawns in Bangladesh.

Ticket Price: There is no ticket price.

Opening Hour: It’s always open to all.

Off Day: There is no off day.

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Address, Location (How to go): Patenga is a sea beach located 14 kilometers to south of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It will take about an hour from the center of Chittagong city by auto rickshaw, Bus or Tempu to reach patenga beach.

Where to stay: There are many hotels available in Chittagong. Some of them have been referenced below for your help.

  1. Hotel Golden Inn

Address: 336 Station Rd Chittagong

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  • Asian SR Hotel

Address: 291 Station Rd Chittagong

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  •  Hotel Park

Address: 627, DT Street, Kadamtoli Chittagong

Contact: 01819-388011

  • Hotel Landmark

Address: 3072, Sheik Mujhibar Road, Agrabad, Chittagong

Contact: 031-813598/727299

  • Hotel Dream International Ltd

Station Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh


Most attractive Things (What you can see there): The sea beach itself is very sandy, with a couple of rough fixes to a great extent. Most guests come to Patenga Beach as it is known for having the absolute most dazzling dusks and dawns in Bangladesh. The more gutsy voyagers will likewise have the option to appreciate a stream journey on the Karnaphuli River, or a vessel stumble onto the sea waves. Nature devotees will see Patenga Beach as a safe house for a large portion of the swimming fledgling types of Bangladesh and if fortunate, fowl watchers will likewise have the option to see spoon-charged sandpipers going around.

On the off chance that the groups at Patenga Beach become excessively, guests should proceed onward to Parky Beach, which is only a calmer expansion of Patenga. Here, the sea shore is fixed with enormous obscure palm trees and angling vessels. Anglers lounge around calmly, approaching their day by day errands while seagulls quietly circle overhead sitting tight for the odd piece of fish to be tossed their direction. It is the ideal area for a tranquil cookout or a day of unwinding.

Guests will see Patenga Beach as assorted, captivating and, most importantly, wonderful. It is a vacationer goal that baits guests with the attractions of good climate, normal quality and the peaceful lapping of the sea waves at their feet. Each minute at Patenga Beach are a photographic chance and an exceptional memory really taking shape?

Patenga sea beach is the best place for tourists according to the local people. One of the accepted dishes of the food is very delicious. These belong to fried, spicy dirt crab served with a small plate with falafel. This dish is garnished with cucumber and onion. The beach has a wonderful cool environment even in the evening. People come to like the soothing breeze. The beach is creased with huge dappled palm trees and finishing boats. It also has a collection of speed boats of visitors. The beach was covered with a few rocky patches.

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