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The above of Hindu god Jagannath at Puri is known as the Nilachala or Niladri [Nila Blue) + Achala (Mountain)] meaning, the blue mountain.

The Nilachala is a position of high religious essentialness in Hinduism and is one of the four Char Dhams. Religious teachers like Shri Ramanuja Acharya, Swami Vishnuswami visited Nilachala in the Twelfth century and established a mathas Shri Nimbarka Acharya likewise visited Puri, as additionally Guru Nanak Dev and numerous different Acharyas, Shri Chaitanya went through 18 years at Nilachal dhama.

According to religious fantasies and the Skanda Purana, legendary ruler Indradyumna of Avanti once longed for the extraordinary god Nila Madhava (Blue Madhava) being revered at the Nilachal mount. The ruler conveyed numerous clerics and detachments in the inquiry of the slippery divinity Nila Madhava. At long last, Vidyapati, one of the ministers of lord Indradyumna found Nilachala just as Nila Madhava at the Purusottam Kshetra (the place that is known for the Supreme Being) and returned the news to the ruler. Notwithstanding, according to perfect structures, the Nila Madhava divinity evaporated before indradyumna could embrace darshan, at the same time, along these lines, appeased, the god showed up as Jagannath at Nilachal.

Geographically, though, there is no such apparent geographic structure at Puri, the township Puri located at the coastal plains of eastern Orissa. Such a reference to a seemingly non-existent mountain has been a matter of debate which throws light on the origin of the deity. 

History Nilachal:

There is another lovely spot to see close Meghla is called Nilachal likewise kept up by the local organization. It is known as Tiger Hill.

The Nilachal Hill or Kamagiri Hill situated at a distance of 7 km from Guwahati is of great historical, archeological as well as religious importance. This hill accepted to be a ‘Khasi’ conciliatory site prior, presently has a gathering of old temples on the top; the generally famous of them is the Kamakhya temple. The temple of goddess Shakti or Kamakhya is the oldest and most revered center for Shakti worship leading to the spread of the Tantrik Hinduism sect.

It is accepted that female genitalia (yoni) of dead Sati tumbled down while her body was being conveyed by her significant other Shiva turning the hill blue, in this manner the name Nilachal (Blue Spread).

There is no picture of Shakti here. Inside a side of a collapse of the temple, there is a formed picture of the Yoni of the Goddess, which is the object of adoration. A natural spring keeps the stone moist. Other temples on the Nilachala hill include those of Tara, Bhairavi, Bhuvaneshwari, and Ghantakarna.

Durga Puja is celebrated annually during Navaratri in the month of September-October. It is a three-day festival attracting several visitors. An exceptional celebration saw here is the Ambuvaci (Ameti) richness celebration wherein it is accepted that the goddess (mother Earth) experiences her menstrual period. During this period the sanctuary is shut for three days and opened with incredible party on the fourth day. It is believed to be inauspicious to till the ground or to plant seeds, during this three day period.

Nilachal Ticket Price:

This is a place of natural beauty. So there’s no ticket price at all.

Nilachal Opening Day:

This place is open for 24 hours.

Address, Location (How To Go) Nilachal:

Bandarban-Thanci Road, Bandarban, Bangladesh.

Nilachal is only 5 kilometers from Bandarban town. So you can contract a common or private jeep (Known as Chander Gari) or CNG auto-rickshaw to go there.

  • By Road: Autos or taxi can be hired by visitors from Guwahati Railway Station or any part of the city. Assam Tourism Department also provides buses which ply to and fro Kamakhaya temple thus connecting various part of the city.
  • By Air: The temple is located at about 20 km from the Guwahati Airport. Regular flights connect it to Kolkata, Delhi, Bagdogra and other major cities of India.
  • By Rail: The temple is found 6 km from Guwahati Railway station. It is connected to the other parts of the country. The Kamakhaya Railway Station is closer to the temple but is comparatively small in size as compared to Guwahati Railway Station.

Where to Stay:

Some of the hotels/motels in Bandarban are listed below for your assistance.

  1. Hillside Resort

Address: Chimbuk Road, Bandarban

Contact Number: +880 01730 045083

  1. Hotel Purabi

Address: V.I.P Road, Bandarban Sadar,


Contact Number: +880 1823-346383

Most Attractive Things in Nilachol

Nilachal is an excellent traveler spot to Meghla Parjatan Complex, otherwise called tiger hill. It is maintained by district administration. Nilachal is special for spectacular views from the hill apex and taking photos. It is the closest place of interest from Bandarban, arranged at Tiger para. It stands 2000 feet above ocean level and 5 kilometers from the Bandarban town. The total glance of Bandarban town and a vast photographic hillside can be seen from here.

One of the most charming places and also known as Tiger Hill. This is very near to the Holiday Inn resort I’ve stayed at Meghla. The rainy season is the best time to visit this amazing place which is about 2000 feet above sea level. Undoubtedly, you can spend more hours here enjoying the amazing landscape, the softness of white clouds and of course the beauty of the sunset. And I was overwhelmed enjoying all. The Nilachal Hill Resort is also located here.

Nilachal is the nearest tourist spot from Bandarban. From here visitors can see the total glance of Bandarban town and a vast landscape. In the rainy season, visitors can be thrilled walking through the clouds. Visitors can watch a golden sunset in the evening and also enjoy an evergreen moonlight in the moonlit night. During the winter season, it is awesome on a foggy morning. On the way to Nilachal, visitors can see some tribe villages with their raw natural expression. The view of Nilachal is so spectacular for snapping.