Liberation War Museum: Entry Fees, Location, Off Day

Liberation War Museum

The Liberation War Museum is a museum in Sher–e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, and the capital of Bangladesh, which commemorates the Bangladesh Liberation War that led to the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan. The Liberation War Museum in Dhaka, Bangladesh was established in 1996.

It commemorates the heroic struggle of the Bengali nation for its democratic and national rights. The struggle turned into an armed conflict following the genocide unleashed by the military rulers of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and culminated with the emergence of Bangladesh as a secular, democratic state in December 1971. The Museum brings to view the untold stories of courage and determination, victory and defiance, heroic and heartbreaks. It is now recognized nationally and internationally as a reliable and credible institution protecting the history of the emergence of Bangladesh.

History of Liberation War Museum:

The Liberation War Museum began under the intuitive of an eight percent board of trustees as a means of preserving the memory of the 1971 Liberation war. The trustees sought donations from the general public to fund the museum and for the general public to come forward with artifacts to be displayed in the museum- both of which were met with a successful level of response. The museum was opened on 22 March 1996 in a colonial-era two-storied building at 5 Segunbagicha, Dhaka.

The museum collected many original artifacts from the war, including personal belongings, weapons, and human remains, as well as creating an archive of documents and personal histories related to the war. Over the years the museum collected more than 21,000 artifacts (as of 2016), with some as exhibits on display in the museum and many more stored in its archives. The museum describes itself as “the outcome of a citizen’s effort due to the crowd-funded nature of the museum (which is independent of the Govt. of Bangladesh), and the collective contribution of the general public to the museum collection.

Ticket Price Liberation War Museum:

The entrance fee is 5 Taka which next to nothing and well worth the “expense”.

Liberation War Museum Opening Hour:

The Museum was housed in its own premises by 2014. The museum is open on all weekdays except Sunday between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. In winter it is open between 10:00 AM to 5:00PM. You can record your personal impression of the museum displays and activities in the “comments register kept at the exit of gallery 4.

Liberation War Museum Off Day:

Sunday is the weekly holiday and other 6 days the visitors can visit the museum.

Contact Number:

Phone: 02-9142781-3 (PABX) / 09611677223

Liberation War Museum Address:

Liberation War Museum, Plot: F11/A & F11/B Sher-e-Bangla Nagar,Civic Centre, Agargaon Dhaka.

Liberation War Museum Location (How to Go):

It is located at Segun Bagicha. Shahbagh and from any part of Dhaka city. You can reach there by local bus services. You can take a rickshaw from Shahbagh to reach the museum.

Most Attractive Things of Liberation War Museum:

Housed in a beautiful whitewashed colonial era building, this small museum chronicles the 1971 war of independence, one of the 20th centuries more deadly wars. Though it might not make for happy holidays, this museum is a useful stop for those hoping to understand modern Bangladesh. The shaded country yard out back has a tea stall and a small stage where cultural events are held from time to time. There’s also a small bookshop.

Visitors of the museum realize how through popular struggle and human sacrifices fundamental principles of democracy. Secularism and nationalism of Bangladesh constitution (1972) evolved. Attempts have been taken through displays and regular programs to create a living museum where visitor/participants can draw contemporary relevance for building national unity and a tolerant society against human rights abuses.

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