Himchori Water Fall & Himchari National Park Location, Picture & Video

Himchori Water Fall

Himchari is one of the most appealing spots for guests. Voyage to Himchari is likewise energizing in light of the fact that the way to Himchari keeps running by the beautiful green slopes on one side and open Blue Ocean on the opposite side. The view of the two sides of the street satisfied all.

Himchori Waterfall is the main cold water waterfall in Bangladesh, which is arranged in Himchori town in Cox’s Bazar. This town is situated on the edge of slopes, 12 km away from the city of Cox’s Bazar.

Numerous vacationers come each day to appreciate the excellence of this cascade and environment. There are slopes on one side of the marine drive and ocean on the opposite side. This makes the enchanting landscape of the spot. On the off chance that anybody goes to Cox’s Bazar, he should visit the cascade and the marine drive in any event for one time, or he may miss the magnificence of the spot.

Area Of Himchori:

Located 12 km south of Cox’s Bazar Town and 6 km from the Kalatali seashore by the slope.
Territory: 1,729 hectares
Arriving: From Kalatali stand, it is just a 15-minute ride to passage; on the off chance that you take a taxi or Chander Gari (neighborhood transport). You can likewise lease a vehicle from Cox’s Bazar.

History of Himchori:

Himchari national park Ticket Price: Entry Fee: Tk. 5.00/Person. Present Visitors: 2, 00,000/Year

Himchori National Park Opening Hour:

It is always open to all.

Himchori Off Day:

There is no off day.

Contact Number:

You can only contact to fix the hotel and not to anything else.

Address, Location (How to go):

Himchori cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Dhaka to cox’s Bazar then 12 kilometers of cox’s Bazar.

Where to Stay:

The accommodation facilities in Cox’s Bazar are remarkable. There are a few extraordinary hotels in the area. A portion of the hotels/motels in Rangamati are listed below for your help.

Hotel Seagull
Hotel Motel Zone
Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, Cox’s Bazar
Tel: +88 0341 62480 – 90
Cell: +88 01766666530, +88 0176666653

Hotel Sea Palace
Kalatoli Road, Cox’s Bazar
Telephone: 880-341-63692, 63792, 63794, 63826, and 63853
Mobile: 01714652227-8, 01979405051-2

Saint Martin Resort
Plot # ten, Block-a Kalatoli Road, Cox’s Bazar
Telephone: +88-0341-62862, 64275

Hotel Sayeman
Hotel Sayeman Road, Cox’s Bazar
Cell: +88-01711-022088
Telephone: +88-0341-63900 – 4, 63703 – 7

Hotel Sea Crown
Marin Drive, Kola Toil New Beach
Phone: 0341-64795, 0341-64474
Versatile: 01817 089420
Most attractive Things in Himchori (What you can see there):

Exceptional Features:

  1. Lovely Waterfall.
  2. Himchori National Park.
  3. Broken Hill.
  4. Christmas tree.
  5. Himchori Beach.

Himchori Waterfall:

The astounding cascade of Himchari is an uncommon scene to appreciate. The cascade from the green slope is generally phenomenal to take a gander at. Be that as it may, in the winter it lessens though in the blustery season it is extremely great and full cascade could be delighted in.

The spot is perfect for a cookout, shooting, unwinding and sunbathing. In any case, at whatever point you have sunbathing local people can surge around you as Bangladeshis’ are not used to see ladies in swim ensemble. Here you get wonderful peak resort focus where you can remain for unwinding and can hear the shore of the Bay of Bengal.

Himchori National Park:

The Park is a delightful tropical downpour backwoods (evergreen and semi-evergreen) around South Asia. The recreation center was built up in 1980. This spot is kept up, ensured and verified by the legislature for the remote sightseers and the nearby guests. The Park isn’t appealing for the vacationers it is additionally alluring for the scholar.

The recreation center gets high timberland, low woodland, and meadows with a couple of trees. Around 58 types of trees, 4 species sorts of grass, 15 types of bushes, 19 climbers and 21 types of herbs through and through 117 plant species are accessible here. In the timberland zone, there are in any event twenty sorts of significant herbs like Curculigo recurvata, Swintonia floribunda, and Alpinia nigra are accessible which most important plant is for the researcher.
The recreation center is likewise considered as a heaven of a birdwatcher.

A ton of winged animal watchers is assembled here for seeing the various types of fowls, as in excess of 286 types of feathered creatures found there. Moreover, 55 types of warm-blooded creatures, 56 types of reptiles and 13 types of creatures of land and water are found in the evergreen timberland. Few elephants and panther additionally found here. The US organization previously settled on concurrence with the Bangladesh government to enlist tigers into the woods territories.

Himchori Wildlife: Elephant, Tigers, Capped Langur, Gibbon, Rhesus Macaque, Dhole, Sloth Bear, Hirundo Rustica, Indian Muntjac, Wild Boar, Cypsiurrus Parvus Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat, Fishing Cat, and Acridotheres.

Experience: Picnic, Shooting and Birds safari.

Broken Hills:

It is likewise a fascination for the greater part of the guests. Come and see what marvel hanging tight for you.

Christmas Tree:

The Christmas tree of here is another acclaimed fascination for the visitor.

Best Time to Visit: September 01 to October 31

Convenience: After visiting Himchari on the off chance that you need to remain around evening time, should remain in Cox’s Bazar. You will get various lodgings and eateries there with various spending plans.

Himchhori Beach is likewise exceptionally delightful. There is no clamor in this spot. There is no such peaceful and quiet seashore in the nation like Himchori. There are a few little cascades around the sea shore. There is additionally a national park and untamed life hold in Himchori. The environment inside the recreation center of 1729 hectares is likewise great.

There are a few lay houses on the highest point of the slope. The entire seashore is seen from that point. The virus water cascade of the Himchori slope is the best fascination of the spot. In the stormy season, the real type of this cascade can be seen totally. So in the event that anybody might want to see the real type of the Himchori Waterfall, he may visit during the blustery season. The cascade appears to be a lot of alive in the blustery season. There are a couple of resorts on the slope where you may remain. From these retreats, the perspective on the ocean is radiant.

Note: You can reach Himchari just by the seashore. In this way, guarantee you are back around the local area before elevated tide ascends at night. It isn’t astute to remain here after dusk.

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