Foy’s Lake: Foys Lake Resort Chittagong – Ticket Price Opening Hour, Photos and Videos

Chittagong is the second-biggest city in Bangladesh just as being the main seaport of the nation. It is situated in southeastern Bangladesh on the banks of the Karnaphuli River which streams into the Bay of Bengal. Foy’s Lake is a huge man-made lake on the edges of Chittagong, by Batili Hill. Encompassed by grand backwoods and slopes, Foy’s Lake is a great excursion and diversion territory which pulls in a great many guests, both nearby and worldwide.

Foy’s Lake was uncovered in 1924 by the Asam-Bangal Railway Company to fill in as a water repository for the Chittagong zone. The lake was named after the British architect who was instrumental in planning it. Foy’s Lake was made by building a bank starting with one slope then onto the next over a tight valley.

An entertainment mecca was opened at Foy’s Lake as of late. The recreation center was planned by the Concord gathering, who right now deals with the running of the event congregation under a 50-year rent understanding marked between the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation and Concord Entertainment Company. Foy’s Lake Concord Amusement World is worked to follow universal wellbeing gauges.

Although the Foy’s Lake Concord Amusement World has changed the passageway to the lake from the Chittagong side, the normal magnificence of Foy’s Lake is still clear. Guests can take a vessel ride around the lake to appreciate the stunning landscape of the region. Rides at the carnival incorporate two high slides which wander their way to the ground, a rapid thrill ride and guard vessels.

At the hour of the recreation center opening, the pastor of the travel industry for Bangladesh communicated the expectation that the event congregation will energize more voyagers, both neighborhood and outside, to visit the zone. The expanding quantities of guests demonstrate that the event congregation is quickly turning into a significant fascination in the region. Guests have communicated their delight in the entertainment mecca. Be that as it may, many are considerably increasingly intrigued at the common excellence of Foy’s Lake and its environment. When visiting Bangladesh, why not put Chittagong on your rundown of spots to visit – and appreciate a pontoon ride around lovely Foy’s Lake.

Foy’s lake is Bangladesh’s most popular and Bangladesh biggest tour place. Their people are very friendly. Day tours they provide export natural feelings and meet you beautiful Bangladesh cultural, local food and tradition. The place is not an expensive, full-day tour you cost a little much. And you enjoy a fantastic experience sure to be your best day.

History of Foy’s Lake:

A lake which is a hot place of interest. In light, it’s a fascination. Be that as it may, when daylight begins to blur away, those attractions start transforming into dread. It’s the truth of the spooky Foy’s lake. This article is around two woman phantoms, the puzzling fireball of that lovely lake in Bangladesh.
Foy’s Lake is the current biggest lovely lake situated in Chittagong City, Bangladesh. It has both alluring and frequented normal magnificence that will drop your jaw out. This delightful lake is conveying a past filled with both greatness and an account of fear. We should experience insights regarding Foy’s Lake.

Historical Background

Foy’s lake is a supply type counterfeit lake that worked in 1924 by the supervision of Mr. Foy. He was one of the British East India Company Officers. To make a dam over the road that had originated from the Hills of Northern Chittagong zone. Likewise, one of the other significant explanations behind making the lake was to give drinking water to the railroad province that was found close by. The individual Mr. Foy was likewise a railroad engineer who appeared the whole undertaking and the lake is inevitable, named after him.
Since the foundation, Foy’s lake had been one of the most appealing beguilements and vacation destinations purposes of Chittagong city. That is the reason the Government and the authority guarantee the correct deal with this lake. As of now, there is a carriage workshop, a loco shed, diesel workshop, electric stores, stores, and a school (set up in 1924) at the close-by region of Foy’s lake.

The Century-old Story of Foy’s Lake that Haunts People Yet:
There are some frightful tales about this delightful lake. One of them is as old as itself. Indeed, even some malicious occurrences demonstrate that the story was not totally from nothing. The exceptionally old story-line of being it a spooky spot is one reason why we kept it at our first position among the Haunted places in Bangladesh.
The lake is as yet conveying a spooky story of 100 years of age. Indeed, neighborhood individuals over yonder still don’t have the foggiest idea when and how the paranormal exercises occurred at Foy’s Lake. All things considered, the occurrences that are identified with the story are going on. In this way, many awfulness fantasies are going from age to age.
The Story-The Woman and the Black Shadow:
The is a 130 years of age story about the phantoms of two women who show up in Foy’s lake. Individuals use to guarantee that, a dark shadow was there close to the lake that occasionally assaults bystanders. It, as a rule, happens when any individuals going through the extension of the old Foy’s Lake. Despite what might be expected, there was another phantom of a decent soul. It used to caution individuals from a top of the close by trees while somebody is going to be assaulted. The great apparition used to wear a white dress while the underhanded one generally shows up in dark. Some proof additionally asserted that the contention between the shadow phantom and the lady was enduring from hundreds of years to hundreds of years. The two had superpowers.

For instance, individuals used to state that the lady was appeared to sit on the bend of two contiguous slopes where no one else could have even come too!
Another talk additionally runs in regards to the spooky Foy’s lake which claims there were two ladies with the competition of malice soul between one another. One of the ladies had a dark shadow. She terrified and executed individuals. Another lady used to spare lives with her great forces. The subsequent lady was similarly more youthful. She used to caution individuals before getting assaulted. Some elderly folks individuals have guaranteed that they encountered both of the occurrences outwardly.
Another tale about the lake territory which claims the nearness of another underhanded power at old Foy’s Lake. We should experience the subsequent story concerning our absolute previously spooky spot in Bangladesh.

Flying Fireballs of Foy’s Lake:

Another energizing frequented story-line is going on about Foy’s lake. Nearby occupants have likewise professed to be its observer. During the night, individuals living close by use to guarantee that, they see flying fireballs of a few sizes to fly starting with one end then onto the next end in the sky of the lake. Also, this is something that numerous individuals guarantee to an observer without anyone else. However, nobody could clarify what this is and why this occurred.
As indicated by a portion of the individuals close by, this is the indication of the nearness of JIN-the concealed animal as per Islam. These occurrences here and there startled individuals away and in the long run, this spot had been notable for paranormal exercises and frequented by a malicious soul.

Then again, a few people now daily’s clarified that as only methane gas consumed during the evenings of summer. In any case, whatever the light source is, individuals still are terrified of a great deal about those flying fireballs.

At present, Authority is dealing with Foy’s Lake as a place of interest and a characteristic fascination of Chittagong. This lake had as of late been attempted by the Concord International Development Company for a long time of the rent. This Company wants to manufacture the biggest Theme park and Amusement Center of the nation.

Ticket Price Foy’s Lake Resort or Entry fee:

Foy’s lake amusement park entrance fee-300 taka for adults, (with a ride, ice cream, and Pepsi) and for children. It will cost 200 taka (with a ride, ice cream and Pepsi).
For all rides, 400 taka (with ice cream and Pepsi) and 300 taka for children with all rides (with ice cream or Pepsi). The rates can be changed anytime; to see the largest pricing you can visit their web site.
Water park see world entry fee: To enter the amusement park. With all rides of 600 Taka (with ice cream and Pepsi) and on the city gate road, with the excess to the cornel hat gate, 450 taka (with ice cream and Pepsi) with all ride.
Foy’s Lake Resort Opening Hour: Every day this park will open for visitors from 11.00 Am to 08.00 Pm.

Off Day:

Every weekend it will be open from 10 Am to 8 Pm.

Contact Number:
01913531554-5, 01913531480, and 01913531483 (Cell Phone).

Address, Location (How to go): It is located in Pahartali, Northern part of Chittagong. You can go to the foy’s lake by bus, auto-rickshaw and tempu or by other private vehicles. It will take about half an hour from Chittagong city by auto rickshaw.

Where to stay: There are numerous hotels accessible in Chittagong. Some of them have been referenced below for your help.

1. Hotel Golden Inn
Address: 336 Station Rd Chittagong
Contact: 611 004

2. Asian SR Hotel
Address: 291 Station Rd Chittagong
Contact: 031-2850346-8, 01711-889555

3. Hotel Park
Address: 627, DT Street, Kadamtoli Chittagong
Contact: 01819-388011

4. Hotel Landmark
Address: 3072, Sheik Mujhibar Road, Agrabad, Chittagong
Contact: 031-813598/727299

5. Hotel Dream International Ltd
Station Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Most attractive Things (What you can see there):

At present, around the lake, the nation’s driving development organization Concord has built up Entertainment Park, Sea World, and Resort, and so forth. For the guests, pontoon riding, the show is sorted out here. Guests can likewise lease cabins to lake zones. That framework has likewise been kept. Numerous neighborhood and remote visitors turned out to pull in the charming indigenous habitat.

There are a ton of trees on the two sides of the Lake. Different types of trees incorporate teak, garden, korai, Acacia, Agar, Sonaloo, Kanakuchura, Radhachura, almond, Palm, Thai karai, and so on. The restorative plants incorporate Basak, Neem, Arjuna, Bisolyokarani, Pathorkuchi, Cinnamon, Sarnagandha and different types of trees.

Harmony has separated the common magnificence of Foy’s Lake into two sections – Amusement Park and Sea World. There are pedal pontoons, speedboats, motor vessels, water B. There are various eateries for nourishment and eating. Oceanic zones with marine animals etched in the lake.

Water Park C-World can be seen simply following 10 minutes on the motor vessel from the Lakes pontoon Station. The most appealing Ride Wave-pool in this exciting condition of water, which is counterfeit seashore that plays incredible waves like the floods of the ocean.

You can drift on the floods of a fake beach on the cylinder. The moving zone only by the wave-pool. The counterfeit downpour and numerous shades of light are playing here Tourists moved in the blend of music. There are youngsters pools for kids. Family Pools for Everyone.

For the individuals who need to spend here peacefully, there is Lake Resort and Bungalow. There are likewise cooled spaces for guests. The cottage has been worked close to the slopes. Cafés’ offices are likewise accessible and open for 24 hours.

For the child, the beguilement world is a fantasy place. Here is every one of the materials for kids’ amusement. For them, the rides are Baby Karaosal, Circus Train, and Swing, and so forth.
As referenced before, resorts and homes are accessible inside Foy’s Lake. There are restrictive limits on the event of Eid.

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